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Meet Adrian, your personal masseur!

Everyone has their story behind. And since nothing happens without a reason, very often we can get inspired by others. Grab a cup of tea and find out who is going to help you restoring your balance!


Originally from Poland, now I live in the Portuguese Paradise, in the Azores! But a few years ago I wouldn't even dream about that...

With business management and human resources background, I was fulfilling my corporate dream with the Employer Branding Team of one of the IT companies in Poland. This involved a lot of time spent both on-site (mostly in front of a computer) and off-site, when organising or participating in activities such as job fairs, trainings, workshops, lectures...

In order to keep my body healthy and energised, every 2-3 weeks I was attending a massage session. This was extremely relieving and helpful to overcome not only tiredness but also work stress.

One day, my masseur asked me if I was ever giving any massage to anyone. I answered that only to my friends, a very simple one – just shoulders. He continued and wanted to find out if I find it enjoyable. I responded that my friends always like it a lot which is a bit surprising to me because I didn't use any technique, I was just trying to "feel" it. And yes, it brings me a lot of joy. After a moment he said: "You know Adrian, in this business we usually can sense who is going to be a good masseur and who is not and I think that you are going to be a good one, so consider it".

What I really believe in is that "nothing happens without a reason". This helps me to understand life better and follow the energy.


This really astonished me, I never thought of becoming a masseur! Also, with a technical and managerial background, job in human resources field, massage just didn't fit. However, since I believe that nothing happens without a reason, I decided to give it a try.

The next time I met my masseur I told him about my decision and he helped me contacting one of the Lomi-Lomi Nui teachers. I was very lucky because the next course was starting in a month and I took the last place. Moreover, that course was designed for 2-3 participants only and is organised 4-5 times per year. A very exclusive thing!

It took 6 months to properly learn not only the technique but also everything what is connected with the Lomi-Lomi Nui massage, the history, the role of this massage in our life, the energy flow and much more...

At some point the Energy decided to bring me to the Azores where I found my inner peace and I finally settled down, after years of travelling around Europe, trying to find a place which I can call "my home". But this is another story ;) When you visit me, I can tell you more so... see you soon!

It's a high time to take care of your body, soul and mind!

Restore balance, relax deeply and get the vital energy boost! Reserve your massage session now and renew contact with yourself!
Adrian de Lomi