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Does a good massage have to be painful?

Many of us believe that a proper massage is the one which hurts and after the session we should feel "smashed". Fortunately, this is not true!


During years of my massage practise I realised that a good massage is the one which doesn't give you any pain and, what's more, it helps you relax fully and actually, take "your" pain away.

When you feel pain during the massage, your body instantly gets more tense, it "closes itself" in order not to let anything in - it creates additional barrier and doesn't let the masseur to get deeper, to where initially our muscles were tense.

In contrary, you need something which lets the pain escape your body and at the same time does not hurt.


When it hurts, your body "steps back", gets tense to protect itself and blocks proper breathing - such a massage technique is not recommended. Your body lose trust not only towards the masseur but also in you! - "why did you take me, your body, to someone who hurts me?"

Good and efficient massage does not hurt but it builds trust in you.

Lomi-Lomi Nui is a beautiful ritual where movements gently but deeply enter your body. It's incredible sensation to realise when your muscles relax more and more, at the same time not feeling any discomfort.

Remember that pain is stressful for your body and I'm sure that you don't need any more stress in your life ;)

It's a high time to take care of your body, soul and mind!

Restore balance, relax deeply and get the vital energy boost! Reserve your massage session now and renew contact with yourself!
Adrian de Lomi