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After the massage

Now, when the massage session is over, it's good to find out what is going to happen next!

Massage begins after the massage...

Not many are aware that Lomi-Lomi Nui works after the massage. The moment you leave massage table, your body continues releasing tension which makes space for lymph, blood, nerves, oxigen... your body begins to work! And you may feel differently: some of us are almost "flying", ready to "move mountais", some of us want to fall asleep and rest...

Just after the session you may feel "wow", light, calm, nice, have an energy boost or be totally tranquil. However, this may change some hours later, when your body enters regeneration mode, and this depends on many factors.

We all are on a different path in our life, with different past which sometimes is not fully resolved. We carry our experience hidden in our muscles. Finally, when we properly release tension, everything goes out. And our body wants to help us, wants to get rid of everything what is not needed as quickly as possible. The more we carry, the more intense is the time after the massage. However, usually within 1-3 days our body cleanses itself and is ready to conquer the World!

I'm sharing this to make you aware that the massage is not yet over. Please, observe your body, follow your intuition and drink a lot of water, to help your body flush everything out.
After the massage you may:
  • pee a lot (the more, the better)
  • feel dizzy (more oxigen starts getting to your head)
  • feel fatigue (your body focuses on bringing balance, a bit like you feel fatigue after eating too much because your body focuses all powers on digesting)
  • sleep much more than usually
  • spend more time in a toilet...
In general, every way how your body wants to get rid of toxins may happen and it's very good. However, you may also only feel amazing and nothing listed above will happen :)
From the feedback which I receive I would say that only around 10% of Visitors experience some of the reactions mentioned above. Those always pass within 1-3 days.

What now?

Be aware and conscious of what is going to happen. Now you are a kind of a blank new page and can start writing your new story. Maybe you will make an important decision, maybe you will change something, maybe you will find out an answer to something what you were bothered for a time or maybe you will meet someone who will change your perspective... be aware and be open :)

We stay in touch!

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